John Sedano: Bold and Unapologetic


John Sedano’s remix of Kanye West’s Fade, is a timely re-imagination of Hardrive’s classic Deep Inside. He starts the track with dark organic elements, cradling the original acapella, before he delivers it into a soulful chord section, that breaks into a euphoric masterpiece, led by a massive lead guitar synth.

John’s signature sample of the late Filipino dictator, “Proclamation of MARTIAL LAW” backs the buildup, where it drops into a monstrous, pseudo-bass masterpiece. The intensity of this track is nowhere near, any local music production. Watch out for the FREE DOWNLOAD coming this August 10.

Early support by  Ace Ramos, Marc Marasigan, Travis Monsod,  Ron Poe, & Katsy Lee


Hi John, tell us more about yourself!

– I’m John Sedano, a music producer and club DJ from the Philippines, previously signed to Tonedef Music. I play in the biggest festivals, clubs, and events in the country. I have shared the stage with Chicane, Lookas, Dash Berlin, and many more international artists in my early 4 year professional career as a DJ/music producer. I am currently ranked as one of the top 10 EDM Producer and DJ’s in the Philippines.

Back in 2012, I was greatly influenced by all these new age musicians like Deadmau5, Avicii, Eric Prydz, who could compose, arrange, and engineer full tracks on a computer. Since then, I’ve taught myself the ins and outs, of music production, and worked my way through the local music industry. My sound is embodied by socio-political messages and symbolism that urge the youth to take a stand, and unite for good of our country.

What kind of music do you produce?

– Anything! I started with a handful of EDM releases, progressive house, electro, big room house; you name it. But as an artist, I believe that you should never limit yourself to what you think people would want to hear from you. My guilty pleasure is pop! Yet I tend to churn out tons of dark, and heavy club music. Though, I also have produced several dance tracks for Star Music artists such as Enchong Dee, and Matteo Gudicelli.

How do you or how does your music portray itself to be a socio-political figure?

It’s Dark, Angry, and Vengeful. It’s a call to arms. If you listen to my music, I want you to feel explosive, majestic, and powerful. Now imagine that kind of energy, in a crowd of 50,000 people. My breakout single Martial Law, was released on the 25th anniversary of the People Power Revolution. I don’t consider it as a figure, more of a timeless memento, but not in physical form. It serves as a reminder, of what the country has gone through in the past, for us to make sure that we don’t repeat our same mistakes again. Followed up by Manila Guap, which takes a stab at the current government, drugs, and extra judicial killings.

What does the youth need to unite for in our country? Please justify further and specify.

Let me ask you the same question. What do you think the YOUTH needs to unite for in the Philippines? It’s us, the millennials who will run the country pretty soon. It is up to us where we steer the country’s future. How do you see society? The government? Infrastructure?

What kind of music do you produce? Anything? Does this mean you’re an open format producer? What about your branding? Your image as a musician?
I am a dance music producer. I produce anywhere from pop, to festival trap. Though my signature sound sticks to deep, dark, and bouncy beats.

What’s your favorite release of yours?
– Aside from this latest remix of Kanye West’s Fade, I’m utterly proud of my single Manila Guap, released under my home label Tonedef Music. Aside from its socio-political message, what makes this project really special to me is that this release came out with a music video that I myself wrote and directed. Seeing music come to life, together with video, for me is always next level stuff.


About Your Fade Remix?
From remixing Apo Hiking Society’s Doo Bidoo, to the remaking HOTDOG’s Manila. I love bringing classics back to life. This song was playing on the radio one late night while driving home. Immediately, I had to look for a remix that I could use to play in the club, only to find out, there was not anything available online. When I got home, I got the acapella, and slapped it on to this track that I was currently working on, and voila, it worked like a charm!


BV – Shout featuring John Sedano 


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