After 12-year hiatus, Mylo Returns

Scottish producer Mylo has made a surprise return after a 12-year hiatus, whilst the producer has been delivering spellbinding remixes for the likes of M83, Bryan Ferry and Niki & Dove during that time he hasn’t released an original production since his critically acclaimed 2004 album ‘Destroy Rock & Roll’.

The producer took to his Facebook page to declare his return and outlined his plans moving forward, which will see the producer previewing three new tracks a week for the “foreseeable future”.

So far the producer has delivered four tracks; all 2-minute previews, and everything has sounded very encouraging so far, ranging from cushion-soft discofied electronica to more outlandish electro disco cuts.

So why has it taken him 12 years to return? Well, that’s where it gets interesting — so far all he’s said is he was prevented from releasing new music due to legal reasons, which he’s unable to discuss.

From what he’s said on his Facebook page, the tracks he’s previewing will make up some form of a new album that’s yet to be given a name or release date yet — but will be ready “soon”.

Check out Mylo’s Transmission 01 to 04 below: