2015 Finalist Kouta Kutsuma’s Comeback to 3Style

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – It’s time for the Red Bull 3Style Philippine Finals! Six finalists have been chosen by a panel of internationally renowned DJs on skill, originality, and music selection. Among the finalists chosen is the returning Kouta Kutsuma!
The Filipino/Japanese turntablist studied under the mentorship of DJ Aryan Magat in 2014. The following year, he gained widespread recognition when he became a Red Bull 3Style finalist. The same year, he found success in a number of competitions and would become a staple in establishments such as The Palace Manila and on radio stations such as Magic 89.9.


Kouta Kutsuma_01


Birth Name: Kouta Kutsuma
DJ Name: Kouta Kutsuma
Birthday: June 30, 1989
Age: 28
Nationality: Filipino
Current residency: Philippines


  1. How did you find out about Red Bull 3Style? What can you say about Red Bull 3Style? Heard about it from my fellow DJs. It’s the number 1 DJ/Turntablist competition in the world in my opinion.
  2. How did you prepare/execute your submission?- More than a week of conceptualizing and practicing.
  3. How are you preparing for the national finals? – More practice and thinking of new ideas.
  4. What inspired you to become a DJ? – Just started as a hobby. Got lucky enough to make a career out of it.
  5. What sets you apart from other DJs in the competition?- Maybe the variety of songs that I play in my sets. I like playing a lot of genres.
  6. What are your top three favorite albums?
    All Eyez on Me” by 2pac
    “Ready to Die” by Notorious B.I.G.
    “Exodus” by Bob Marley
  7.  What’s a song you absolutely hate and why? – “Despacito” ‘Cause I don’t understand it.
  8.  How do you think Red Bull 3Style help aspiring DJs? – It’s the best platform for DJs/Turntablists to showcase their skills.

Does Kouta Kutsuma have what it takes to finally become the 3Style Philippine Champion? Find out on October 19th, at Valkyrie at the Palace, in Bonifacio Global City for the 3Style National Finals.

Who will bring the best beats and represent the Philippines? #redbull3style #playwithmusic