Can DJ Katsy Lee Make History at Red Bull 3Style?

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – It’s time for the Red Bull 3Style National Finals! Six finalists have been chosen by a panel of internationally recognized DJs and will battle it out on Thursday, October 19th, 2017, at Valkyrie at the Palace, in Bonifacio Global City, to win the Philippine Championship.


DJ Katsy Lee makes it to the finals as the youngest and only female participant in the contest. With her love for music and her passion for the DJ scene guiding her, the young DJ is looking to make a name for herself at 3Style.
Katsy Lee_03BASIC INFO:

Birth Name: Kathleen Lee

DJ Name: Katsy Lee

Birthday: May 11, 1989

Age: 28

Current residency: Manila



  1. How did you find out about Red Bull 3Style?

Red Bull 3Style is famous! I think it’s an inspirational, influential, iconic movement. It’s always a fun and mind-opening time for DJs around the world come 3Style season.

  1. How did you prepare/execute your submission?

I watched past 3Style videos, brainstormed with friends, tried mixing various songs together, thought of samples and sounds that could represent a theme, and prayed.

  1. How are you preparing for the national finals?

I’m hoping for the best. There are some parts I’ve dreamt of doing for a 3Style set for some years now, so I’m happy and thankful to be able to do them, no matter how simple, in the National Finals. ❤

  1. What inspired you to become a DJ?

Album compilations from Renaissance, Global Underground, The Chillout Project, Kandi, and Ministry of Sound, amongst others, made me really keen on one day learning to compile my old songs. Extremely talented DJs like James Zabiela, Laidback Luke, Craze, QBert, Jazzy Jeff, A-Trak, Shortkut, and Filipino heroes like Coki, Supreme Fist, Ace Ramos, Funk Avy, Mark Nicosia, Martin Pulgar, Mars Miranda, Marc Naval, Travis Monsod, Marc Marasigan, Salamangkero, Benjo Marquez, Mick Martinez, Aryan Magat, Manolet Dario, Bombi Balquiedra, Nicky Jurado, Kiko Antonio, and Nix Damn P! made me very inspired to perform and put my all in each show. Being around my very talented and hardworking DJ/producer friends inspires me — I admire them all and being around them makes me really happy for all their success and strive to do my part in upholding the banner for all artists!

  1. What sets you apart from other DJs in the competition?

We all have our own ways of thinking and planning and executing sets, so I think that’s what sets any DJ apart from others in a battle.:”)

  1. What are your top three favorite albums?

I’ll list one that’s actually a mixtape – ‘Popular Culture’ by XV. Another favorite is BT’s untitled album, I find both so cerebral, atmospheric, and imaginative. I think they present sound and music in such creative ways. Another unforgettable album for me is Anton Ramos’ ‘The Chillout Project: House Sessions’ — what a beautiful mood and atmosphere!

  1. What’s a song you absolutely hate and why?

None that I really hate. :3

  1. How do you think Red Bull 3Style help aspiring DJs?

Red Bull 3Style is inspirational. In many ways it’s a place to showcase and a benchmark for skill and creativity, but it is presented in such an inclusive way that any DJ who aspires to the unique aesthetic of the 3Style movement can certainly not just dream about being a part of it, but actually work hard to be a part of the community. It’s a very engaging family that lives, breathes, and loves music (not to mention #plays with it), and that encourages DJs around the world to always strive for their best and to never stop learning.


Can DJ Katsy Lee make history and represent the country at the World Finals in Krakow, Poland? Find out on October 19th, at Valkyrie at the Palace, in Bonifacio Global City for the 3Style National Finals.

Who will bring the best beats and represent the Philippines? #redbull3style #playwithmusic