Jenil: Asia’s Next Big Superstar

There’s a Filipino DJ/Producer who’s making a big noise in Asia. Ladies and gents, get to know JENIL.

After playing for years in Manila, Jenil decided to step-up his game and take the shot of playing in various clubs in other countries. His stint in Thailand has paved way to a bigger opportunities which includes playing alongside big DJs such as Deorro, Cash Cash, Laidback Luke, and Don Diablo. He has also played in Dubai, South Korea, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

Aside from being a club DJ, Jenil produces original EDM tracks which got the attention of EDM superstar, Deorro. Right now, Jenil is now signed with  Deorro’s record label, Panda Funk and has produced and collaborated with various artists worldwide.

We had the privilege to sat down with Jenil to know more about his life as a DJ/Producer, aspirations, inspirations, and future plans.

DJ Mag PH: Hi Jenil, can you tell us more about yourself? How did you start your career?

Jenil: Hello Dj Mag Philippines, my name is Jenil and I’m a DJ/Music Producer from Manila, Philippines. I currently work and live in Phuket, Thailand. My music is played and supported by djs like Deorro, Blasterjaxx, Mashd N Kutcher, Timmy Trumpet, Dj Bl3nd, Cash Cash, Chuckie & Juicy M. I’ve also shared the stages with Red Foo of LMFAO, Steve Aoki, Don Diablo, Laidback Luke, Nervo, R3hab & DVBBS. I’m currently signed as a recording artist in Deorro’s record label, Panda Funk under Universal Music.

I started my career 7 years ago as a bedroom dj for a year teaching myself thru the internet by reading dj blogs and watching video tutorials. Bought turntables and a controller for everyday practice. I got no mentor. Then I went for an audition in a nightclub, got in and the rest is history. Early stage is the hardest part because of the competition and politics. Somehow I’ve managed to get thru and I always push myself hard to every challenge along the way. I didn’t quit.

DJ Mag PH: For you, what is the hardest part of being a DJ?

Jenil: First, getting criticized and hated for no reason. People always find something to hate on you even if they don’t know you. Worst part is, they talk behind your back even if you did good to them. Second, keeping yourself healthy. Working at night, flying to different places, staying late for music production, smoky environment, etc. These things make it hard for me to stay healthy. Third, fresh ideas. As a music producer, you should be able to set trends and create new music style for people to enjoy. You cant just make something that was already made a year ago. One of the hardest part for me is creating new music that has never been done before.

DJ Mag PH: You play a lot of gigs in Asia, can you tell us more about the experience? And how did it all happen?

Jenil: I’ve played in Dubai, South Korea, China and frequently around South East Asia. Different cities, different music. So you have to be prepared and make sure you have the right music in the right location. Tiring but fun.

I’ve always believed that you dont wait for opportunities to happen, you make it happen. So I’ve sent proposals to random clubs and tried my luck. Some booked me, some not. Its pretty hard to gain trust from these clubs specially when they dont literally know you. But then, other clubs started to notice me when I landed some shows on a few clubs and got interested to book me eventually. Other clubs knew me from making mashups, bootlegs and edits that their resident djs use. So I got recommendations from these amazing djs who supported my music.

DJ Mag PH: What makes Filipino crowd different from other international crowd that you’ve played to?

Jenil: Filipinos knows good music. We dont just ride the bandwagon. We know whats gonna get famous and even memorize its lyrics. I love it when the crowd sings to your music and dances like nobody is watching. Filipino crowd is the best crowd I ever played to.

DJ Mag PH: Quick questions: First thing that comes to your mind:


  • Best Local DJ/Producer: Zelijah
  • Best International DJ/Producer: Don Diablo
  • Pet peeve when you’re in a club/festival : Song Requests
  • Most requested song that you HATE playing : Shape Of You
  • EDM in the Philippines: Local producers needs more support
  • Hatest EDM track : What does the fox say

DJ Mag PH: How do you make your music? Do you follow a certain formula?

Jenil: I got my own studio setup in my place in Phuket. I make music when I feel like to. I dont like deadlines. Music should be made how it should be made. Patience is key. I dont rush my projects. I take time producing them and only release them when I feel satisfied. No formula but I dont restrict myself to one edm genre. I mostly produce big room, electro house & progressive but sometimes I also do trap, future bass & future house.

DJ Mag PH: In creating a music which is important, execution of mastery or expression of passion?

Jenil: Expression of passion. You can learn execution of mastery but being oneself and expressing that into music is something they cannot take from you. Artistry should have originality.

DJ Mag PH: If there is one person you wish to share a deck with, who will it be?

Jenil: Hardwell. He inspired me in both ways as a DJ and Music Producer.

DJ Mag PH: How important to have an own identity in this scene?

Jenil: Very important. Competition is high and making yourself unique is what gets you a long way in this industry. Nowadays, anyone can be a dj. Technology makes it easier for everyone.

DJ Mag PH: If there is a track that you wish to dedicate to your Filipino fans, what would it be?

Jenil: My latest vocal track ‘Chasing The Sun’. I’ve produced that for the tropical vibe of the Philippines. I think its a good track as an edm summer anthem. It represents the vibrant hearts of the Filipinos. ‘Chasing The Sun’ will be out soon. I hope you guys will support it.


Chasing The Sun is now available online. Check the music here.