MISS K8: Beauty And The Beat

Making her massive debut at number 94 this year on the DJ Mag Top 100, Miss K8 proves to us all that females can go hardcore too! This beauty from Kiev is also popularly known as the Goddess of Hardcore and we were more than excited to finally get the chance to catch up with the one and only Hardcore female DJ currently on the Top 100 list – she talks to us about the scene in Kiev as well as Hardcore Techo. Do read below for the full interview with Miss K8.


Hi Miss K8, tell us more about being the ‘Goddess of Hardcore’?

Hi! I’m doing great. Last year has been crazy, and my busiest year so far. Right now I’m planning and working on many new and exciting things for 2016.


What is Hardcore Techno to you? Why do you prefer it over other genres?

Hardcore techno is the music which is always around me. Since I was a kid I always loved to listen to a lot of music. From electronic music to rap and death metal. But I’ve always been drawn to the harder styles of music, so producing and playing hardcore music is a pretty natural step for me.


How does it feel like bringing hardcore events to your hometown, Kiev?

It’s an always interesting and intriguing experience. I did many events in Kiev and the latest was the Masters of Hardcore World Club Tour which was great. The Ukrainian crowd is definitely one of my favorite ones. They have such an amazing energy and it’s always a pleasure to perform there. At this moment we are planning my solo event in Kiev, dedicated to my album tour.

Miss K8 2

Do you think there is gender equality when it comes to the music industry? Why?

To be honest I’m not really occupied with gender equality or anything. The truth is however, that as a woman I always have had to work harder to prove myself. Sometimes it feels like you get much more jealousy around you, just because you are a female artist. People like to make excuses for themselves that you are successful just because you have your looks and making up all types of gossip. But I have not much to complain since my career is going great despite of these things.


How do you see the future for upcoming female DJ’s?

I would erase all topless female “DJ’s” from earth. It’s a shameful concept that has been growing in popularity, and gives female djs a bad name. For the rest I can’t predict the future of course. I think there are many female DJ’s in this world but not many of them are really serious about it or have had any success. New talents should be dedicated when it comes to reaching their goals. Give it all you got and if music is your true passion, good things will come your way.


What surprises do you have for your fans this year?

I have a huge surprise for my fans this year! March 28th I will release my very first solo album “MISS K8 – MAGNET” with a special showcase at the biggest indoor hardcore festival “Masters of Hardcore” in Den Bosch, Netherlands. I was keeping it secret for a long time and now I can finally share it with the world and all my fans! Besides the album presentation I have many fantastic festivals and events planned till the end of the year. Just to name a few countries where I’m going to perform this year: Poland, Spain, Sweden, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Ukraine, Switzerland, Austria and Germany.

Miss K8 1

How do you stay fit for all your gigs?

Sport, a healthy lifestyle and a good night’s sleep is the trick.


What does your ideal vacation look like?

Definitely an island somewhere in the middle of the ocean and far away from any form of society. Sun, blue ocean, peace, an empty beach with breathtaking views and just relax! And that’s exactly what I’m going to do on my upcoming vacation :)


What’s the best thing about being a women? (in general)

Being fabulous, haha.


In conjunction with International women’s day, what would you like all women to know?

Be strong, but stay feminine. And of course be professional and never be too proud to learn. Be happy, always shine from the inside and outside. Of course keep smiling, and the main thing: I wish every lady to find her true love and enjoy life to the max!